Research and Development Division

Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University Hospital


Dhulikhel hospital (DH) was conceived as a community-based hospital with the aim of providing quality healthcare services in Nepal. It is one of the reputed institutes in the region for offering affordable health care with hygienic sanitary conditions. The hospital is still undergoing many changes, from the infrastructure itself to human resources. With the help of its energetic and enthusiastic team, it is evolving, expanding and improving. Despite its limitations and challenges, many changes are being made and still progressing.

Furthermore, being a progressing institute, DH has amalgamated research in its service and academics, as research in a hospital is considered vitally important especially in the university hospital like DH. Research is a vital component in academic institutes and has become a standard means of acquiring authentic knowledge. Over the years, innumerable research projects have been carried out in the hospital. The Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences has been enrolling postgraduate students for the last couple of years and need to get involved in research work, which is an essential part of their curriculum although it is in the departmental level only. To extend the scope of research activities of the institute, Research and Development (R&D) Division is playing a crucial role in the development and cultivation of research culture in the institute as a whole. This creates a platform to establish one’s identity in the international arena and also help in acquiring research grant from national and international funding agencies. In addition, R&D division is helping in consolidating step-wise research development taking a practical, catalytic, feasible, effective, sequential approach in order to provide required services in the form of support and facilitation, to increase awareness about the different researches going on in the hospital, to attract and disperse funds, create and foster nurturing relationships among researchers and to strengthen, support and encourage the research capacity of the researchers. This will eventually help researcher to improve the overall quality of the work and be motivated and encouraged in their research, enhance their capacity, share their knowledge and information and focus on excellence in research.


To establish Dhulikhel Hospital-Kathmandu University Hospital as the leading centre for innovative, cutting edge and high quality research.


To improve lives of people (healthcare) through innovative and high quality research.


  • To initiate, develop, cultivate partnerships, network and groups amongst the various researchers and faculty members.
  • Attract external funding for research (through individual/joint/interdisciplinary research proposals) and its effective dissemination and use.
  • Enhance research excellence; build healthy competition among researchers and faculty members.
  • Design, initiate and organize different support systems and services to the researchers and faculty members;
    • Providing appropriate laboratory facilities and access to required instruments and/or equipments
    • Help in collaborating with other institutes including national and international
    • Render assistance for editorial services such as internal reviewing of manuscript, proposals, research methodology and budget, help with submission and formatting etc

Moreover, R&D Division is working through six research units to accomplish its vision and mission. They are;

  1. Infectious diseases research unit
  2. Cardiovascular disease research unit
  3. Diabetes and metabolic disorder research unit
  4. Neurological disorder research unit
  5. Psychiatric and mental health research unit
  6. Women and child health research unit

R&D division is also helping faculties and staffs in research design, proposal development, manuscript writing and publication through Research Advisory Board. This board comprises members from DH, the University of Washington and Harvard University.


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